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    • Playing ThaniAvarthanam
    • Playing mridangam for Songs and Bhavams
    • Playing Anulomam, Prathilomam
    • Playing Thaththakaram for any 5 thalas in 35 thalas
    • Playing Manodarmam for any 5 thalas in 108 thalas
    • Playing Big Mohras in 5 Jathis in Manodarmam Way(without any change in speeds)
    • Playing mridangam for Pallavi, Niraval and Kalpanaswarams
    • Playing ThaniAvarthanam for Pallavi and Kritis
    • Theermanam procedures for Yathi
    • Playing Thani for Different Eduppus


  • Playing Mridangam in Music Concert
  • Dos and Donts in Playing Mridangam
  • ThalaChakkaram
  • Forming Karanai to Mridangam
  • Valanthalai – Idanthalai – Explain
  • Characteristics of Mridangam Player
  • Writing Korvais with symbols+

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