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    • Playing Manodarmam in Jampathala and Chaputhala with Mohras
    • Playing Manodarmam in Five Jaathis with Mohras
    • Playing Accompaniment for Aadhi, Chapu and Jampathala songs
    • Rendering and Playing 2 Jathis in Ata thalam and JampaThalam in 3 speeds
    • Playing TheermanaJathis in Aadhi and Chaputhalas
    • Playing Nadai in Misram, Kandam and Sankeernam


  • Shodasangam and its counts
  • Thala Structure and Thaththakarams seen in Thiruppugazh
  • Playing Thaththakarams for Ragam, Thanam and Pallavi
  • Procedure of protecting Mridangam

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